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Many of your potential customers who are searching on the internet, are not just looking for your company by name, but also for the products and services that a company such as yours, can provide.

When they are searching, would you appear on the first page of those search results? These days, this is where much of new business comes from. People will click a listing in the organic search results, many will click a local business and the closer they get to making a purchase, the more likely they are to click a paid search result.

With SEM, you will get qualified leads and call tracking.

One of the most compelling ways to market your products and services online, is through pay-per-click. Our approach to paid search advertising is strategic and results oriented. Our campaigns are designed to meet our clients specific business objectives and we work closely with them to maximize ROI and effectiveness.

Digital ‘s end-to-end execution of pay-per-click campaigns include campaign set-up, keyword research, competitive research, bid management, copy writing, ad testing, landing page optimisation, real time campaign optimisation and analytics and reporting.

Advertising Accountability, Within Reach

You are advertising to local consumers through a mix of online and offline advertising. Do you know which ads are bringing you the most business? TotalTrack,is a comprehensive and cost-effective advertising tracking solution where you can monitor all of your advertising efforts to see exactly where your leads are coming from. TotalTrack gives you the option to measure your phone calls, emails, and web visits from your ads, so you can determine ROI and make better decisions about where to invest your marketing budget.

Together, our innovative technology and service experts get you results. We use a formula that combines innovative technology and expert service teams to get you more local customers. We develop a web presence strategy, we build you a custom plan and campaign, we track and optimise your campaign and we report your results.

This benefits you by giving you cost effective tracking of web and phone events, giving you real time results and measures ROI and it determines effectiveness of both your on line and off line marketing.

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